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Classic caravans

The first classic caravans that I saw were at an exhibition at   Avoncroft Museum Bromsgrove I thought they were fascinating mainly the shapes of them, I took lots of photos and it must have been 10 years later that I decided to paint them . Since then I have been to a few shows and painted quite a collection.  The Bromyard Gals had a good selection   I also went to the Cheltenham owners classic caravan club meet at Kingland Rugby ground   They all looked the same to me but I was assured that there were many different models like the  Springbok the Sable  and the Roebuck . The president commissioned me to paint his caravan . I painted  one in the snow and one in summer , In fact I just painted one in winter and made it into christmas  cards . and then painted out the snow and replaced it with green grass and sunshine and put a pair of sunglasses  and straw hat on him sitting outside  in his deckchair           .Summertime

Bert and Tinto from  Nether Netherlands came into my cafe . They were on holiday in their converted motor home   It was a Bedford truck with a small caravan welded onto the back and a Michelin man stuck on top . They travelled around Netherlands selling plants and books at Fairs . They parked it outside my back door and I did a painting from a photo that I took. I sent them the painting through the post and they mailed money to my bank nice one .Bert & Tinto's Mobile Home

Collected enough paintings to make  calendars in 2011    Still have the paintings which are on display at my cafe ( The Granary Tea Rooms leominster)

May do another series soon   Theres a lot out there  Norrie