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Classic caravans

The first classic caravans that I saw were at an exhibition at   Avoncroft Museum Bromsgrove I thought they were fascinating mainly the shapes of them, I took lots of photos and it must have been 10 years later that I decided to paint them . Since then I have been to a few shows and painted quite a collection.  The Bromyard Gals had a good selection   I also went to the Cheltenham owners classic caravan club meet at Kingland Rugby ground   They all looked the same to me but I was assured that there were many different models like the  Springbok the Sable  and the Roebuck . The president commissioned me to paint his caravan . I painted  one in the snow and one in summer , In fact I just painted one in winter and made it into christmas  cards . and then painted out the snow and replaced it with green grass and sunshine and put a pair of sunglasses  and straw hat on him sitting outside  in his deckchair           .Summertime

Bert and Tinto from  Nether Netherlands came into my cafe . They were on holiday in their converted motor home   It was a Bedford truck with a small caravan welded onto the back and a Michelin man stuck on top . They travelled around Netherlands selling plants and books at Fairs . They parked it outside my back door and I did a painting from a photo that I took. I sent them the painting through the post and they mailed money to my bank nice one .Bert & Tinto's Mobile Home

Collected enough paintings to make  calendars in 2011    Still have the paintings which are on display at my cafe ( The Granary Tea Rooms leominster)

May do another series soon   Theres a lot out there  Norrie



Shop front paintings

Best wishesNorrie Davies 9  Best Wishes              SHOP  FRONTS          Violin Shop  

I  started the shop front Paintings in 2005   The first one that I painted was the Hen Pen in Leominster  This is situated at end of High St facing down Broad St .It  used to be an open market building selling market goods including hens like a modern day farmers market . At the moment it seems to be a sort of gallery that  is never open.

Next I painted the Violin shop that used to be Morrows sweet shop   .  Both of these paintings were sold to Caroline Scott Mayfield who now has quite a collection of my paintings .

I progressed to painting a total of  30 approx shop fronts in Leominster (some being commissions )  Most were sold , just have a few left on display at the Granary  including my favourite The Central bakery  ( just before they closed the cafe) and Brights the butchers .

In the following years I painted shop fronts from Bishops Castle ,Hay on Wye, Ludlow  Hereford, Ross on Wye. Presteigne, Bromyard ,Tenbury Wells .

Norrie Davies 12 Hen Pen Leominster      Walls ButchersWalls butchers Ludlow


this is THE BEETLE and THE BOWL  They should have been included in my last blog but it took so long working out how to do it  that I’m posting them on this one .and am too exhausted to write any more ,but now I’ve got the hang of it I’ll be back.

Thur Feb 5th 2014


ND Lucians Soup

BEETLE painted jan 2005

BEETLE painted jan 2005

First Blog Jan 30th On A Monday

Started painting in 2005  decided to close my cafe ( the Granary Tea Rooms Leominster) on a monday and have this as my painting day . The first Monday in Jan  I painted a picture of a beetle  copied from a book , I painted 4 different ones and mounted them all together in a long picture. I painted a coloured background and stuck the bodies on then painted the legs on afterwards. They looked quite impressive I’ve still got them I don’t think I’ll ever sell them.

The following weeks I painted all my pots in my house Just the hand thrown ones, thrown by  my friend Lucian Proctor  who died recently at the age of 62 . They have all been sold now  just a few copies made into cards .  Bowls ,Tagine dishes ,giant urns , small brown jugs and a teapot .

I usually make a copy of my paintings and turn them into cards so that at least I have a record of them.

Thats all for now  will try and add some pictures to my next blog






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